16 Mile Creek, Jordan Station

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Trip Rating: 3.5/5

On my weeknight adventures, I usually try to find an interesting body of water that wouldn’t be long enough for a normal paddle. Mission accomplished, I had heard for a while that the 16 Mile Creek (the Niagara one, not the Oakville one) had some pretty great scenery. There is a small pond with what looks like, at higher water, could be some interesting creeks to explore. Once you pass the pond, there is a very cool island that you can park on and have a look around. Even though the trip was my shortest of the year, it was really fun and I will definitely have to come back this spring to see where those dried up creeks go.

Launch Sites:

The launch area is a fairly new dock. The downside of this launch is there is no parking to speak of. You park on the shoulder of the service road and hike down a small hill. Instead of my usual map, I have attached a picture to show you what I mean. You can see my truck in the background.

To find this location, enter 43.1729411,-79.3327412 into Google Maps.

Trip Length:
To see the entire pond, the total trip is about 5km. It takes approx 1 hour, to explore most of the scenery.

The star represents the launch and parking area.

Cost: $0.

Difficulty: This is a fairly calm area. However, please be careful and use the right gear when paddling.

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