Cootes Paradise, Hamilton

Trip Rating: 4/5

Hamilton is my hometown, so naturally I spend a lot of time kayaking in Cootes Paradise. The Princess Point/Cootes/Paradise/RBG combination is a very special urban nature sanctuary. This is designated a nationally Important Bird Area. Hundreds of species of birds use Cootes on their migratory path, most notably during the spring and autumn. There are signs posted and some care is warranted, as to not disturb the birds while travelling. Notable species include the least bittern, hooded warbler, white pelican, Caspian tern, black-crowned night-heron, osprey, pleated woodpecker, and the prothonotary warbler. There are also a nesting pair of bald eagles which have nested near the mouth of the Spencer Creek; the first such nest in the area in more than 40 years.


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