Grand River, Galt to Glen Morris

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Trip Rating: 4.0/5

If you can believe it, after years of paddling alone on flat water, I decided to join a club and start doing moving water river trips. It was worth it and then some. I instantly noticed a few things: paddling down stream is easier, so if you still paddle with the same effort as flat water, you can cover significantly more area. If you know me, that is a major plus. Also, rapids are fun, I can now see why people love white water kayaking.

This trip starts at the “famous” Petro Canada gas station on highway 24 and follows the river around islands and into a valley, it ends in the scenic town of Glen Morris beside the Cambridge-Paris Rail Trail.

A note about this trip; it is not a single person trip. You need to set up a shuttle with two cars. Additionally, this trip needs to be pre-scouted. Springs currents can be fierce on the Grand River and there are dams on some of the routes which although marked, are dangerous to get close to.

Launch Sites:

The launch is beside the Petro Canada on Highway 24. Although there is no dock, this has to be one of my favourite spots to put in the water. The gas station has snacks and a clean bathroom, right across the street, there is an ice creme shop and a Tim Hortons.

To find this location, enter 200 Water St S, Cambridge, ON N1R5S6, Canada into Google Maps.


Trip Length:

A warning about this trip. The currents in the spring are very strong on The Grand River. It is very easy to scout this by walking the rail trail upstream before you launch. I highly recommend you do this if you are not familiar with the area.

The trip is approximately 10k and will take 1.5 hours.


Cost: $0.

Difficulty: This is a fairly calm area in the Summer, be mindful of the currents in the spring. Please be careful and use the right gear when paddling.

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A Small Side Trip:

We noticed a stone structure on the banks of the river as we were passing by. Since it was time for a break, we decided to stop to explore. Good thing we did!! According to some research this place is called the German’s Woollen Mill. Built in 1867 by brothers Alva and Sydney German. The ruins are said to be haunted, in 1941 the house was the site of an unsolved murder. Since then the house has become over grown and collapsed partially. Walking around inside, it had a very eerie feeling to it. If you find it, I highly recommend you take a look around.

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