Puzzle Lake Provincial Park, Cloyne

This is a guest post:
Story by: Rebecca Vandenberg

It is true, I have been on many canoe trips. And most have been fairly similar in nature; we furiously pack the night before, arrive at the put in super early the next morning and paddle our little hearts out all day to reach camp. We usually allot 15-20km of travel on the first day, set up a home base and explore from there. We also usually are bursting with energy and excitement, paddling feverishly all day in hopes of reaching complete solitude.

This year, given my impending due date and growing belly, we had to make some adjustments to our usual paddling plans. It was now late July and we had not been canoeing since I first found out I was pregnant back in May. We were itching for some MUCH needed time in our tent, and it seemed that my queasy stomach had finally settled itself enough to warrant time away from home.

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Puzzle Lake Provincial Park